Coworkers, please

Various rants & raves I have about people I work with. Most have been previously posted on Twitter & Facebook

Sept 8, 2009

Dear co-workers: email format not ___ ____ ___ ___ ____. Emails do NOT have spaces.
I asked someone to send me an address for a group email they’d created for a projects. I got an “address” formatted like the latter group of underscores. I stared at the screen with my mouth open for at least solid 30 seconds. I replied that I needed the address and got the following in return:

“Where do I find the address?” – Coworker asking how to find the email address for a group email SHE created. It’s going to be a long day.
Sometimes I feel like the 4-year old who figured out how to program the VCR before her parents in their mid-thirties did. But I got this @-reply from @matticus82 on Twitter, which made me feel a little better: “i have people at work that think email adresses begin with http://www.”

The prayer of the frustrated:
I’m pretty sure it’s in some Catholic prayer book somewhere.

Look, I don’t have time to reply to your emails when you sprint over here to discuss faster the system has time to deliver your email.
Seriously. If you’re going to send me an email about something, don’t sprint over here to regurgitate the same shit you just spent 10 minutes hunt-and-pecking on your keyboard before I’ve had a chance to process the “information” contained within, or even open it.

Can I bulk email this to the whole company?
I would have, too. Misuse of company resources be damned.


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