Betty on SNL? Yes, Please!

Betty White - HBIC

It looks like the Betty White to Host SNL (Please?) Facebook petition is working. Betty herself has said that if Lorne Michaels offered the gig to her, she’d gladly accept and there are rumors are circling that the deal is thisclose to being inked. Tina Fey, Molly Shannon, & Amy Poehler have already been asked if they’d participate, which has pissed off some people, including the fabulous Michael K over at Dlisted.

Now, I’m all for maximum Betty, however, as the lovely Courtney Enlow pointed out, maybe she didnt’ want to host by herself. She’s 88 years old, for cryin’ out loud. A week of whatever magic they do to make that show, plus dress rehersals AND a late night live performance is a tall order for someone in their 20s, much less an almost-90 year old. In addition, what if she asked Fey, Shannon & Poehler? Bwhizzle has been calling the shots since her Life with Elizabeth days, back when women had little-to-no say much of anything, forget about a whole tv show. I doubt Our Betty of Betties would let herself get steamrolled into something she wan’t totally cool with now.

Betty gets what Betty wants.


~ by Mergan Fierce on February 22, 2010.

One Response to “Betty on SNL? Yes, Please!”

  1. I love that you have not only adopted Mergan Fierce but have made it your current handle on your blognosticator.

    Also, Go #TeamBetty!

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