STFU, Haiti Haiters

There has been a lot of talk about Haiti in the last few days. Most of it has been the appropriate “help these people recover from this tragedy” talk. There has also been the idiocy spewed from idiots like Pat Robertson (that jackass doesn’t deserve the title “Reverand”) and morons like Rush Limbaugh. I’ve also had a friend of mine say:

“im so tired of all these buttons and ads for “helphaiti”!!!!! WE DONT HAVE MONEY TO HELP YOU!!! expecially when you yell at the US on tv for not being there fast enough……were YOU there when katrina destroyed half a state??? NO!! will you be there when the viaduct collapses??? we cant afford to fix it for the next six years….why doesnt the red cross invest that 35 mil back into making schools better, or better anything for america….how about that!!!”

While I love this friend a great deal and I understand stress & frustration coming out in dumbass ways, I was horrified with this statement. Here’s why.

  1. Haiti is the poorest country on the Western Hemisphere.  That means out of all of these countries, Haiti has the least. The United States, even with our abysmal economy, has the most to give. So, yeah, we had a pretty terrible natural disaster and Haiti couldn’t help out. Their natural disaster is significantly worse, but we CAN help out and I’m of the belief that NOT helping out when you can is a dick thing to do, even if it’s sending $10 to the Red Cross or donating essentials to orphans. If you don’t have any money to spare or any means to donate, get the word out to people who can. Also, if anyone’s keeping track, Katrina affected four US states, in addition to Cuba & the Bahamas. And 1,836 people were confirmed killed, as opposed to the preliminary estimates of 50,000 in Haiti.
  2. The Red Cross is an international organization. They’re not in the business of making schools better. That’s the government’s job. They are in the business of meeting the needs of people – men, women, & children – who have been through natural disasters, among other things, who would die if they didn’t get food, water, shelter, and basic medical attention. The Red Cross

Basically, what I’m trying to say is take a minute to think about what you’re going to say before you say it, because flying off the handle and spouting off stupid shit like my friend did will almost always make you look like a complete jackass.


~ by Mergan Fierce on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “STFU, Haiti Haiters”

  1. Thank you for speaking what is also on My mind. I am embarassed to say I am marred to that assbite!! My heart aches for these people, and I don’t understand the lack of compassion from so many people.

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