Referendum 71

Yes on R-71

Yes on R-71

If you don’t think a loved one deserves hospital visitation rights…

If you don’t think inheritance rights should be protected…

If you don’t believe that your loved one should be able to fulfill your organ donation requests, then go ahead and vote no on Referendum 71.

Those are just a few of the rights and benefits covered under a bill passed the legislature, and signed into law by the governor, earlier this year.

It called “everything but marriage” and is intended to provide same-sex couples the same legal protections that heterosexual couples enjoy.

But that grates on some people who can’t abide gays and lesbians having labor and employment rights.

They can’t stand the idea that same-sex couples in a loving relationship would have legal standing when it comes to community property, or would have the law on their side when dealing with probate and trusts.

The “everything but marriage” law strengthens families, but spiteful people don’t want “certain” families to survive.

They want you to vote no on Referendum 71.

They want you to join them in tearing down the rights of people who just want to live their lives under protection of the law.

You have a choice.

Be like them and vote no on Referendum 71.

Or vote yes and give same sex couples what they are due.

Text By Ken Schram

I will be voting YES on Ref 71


~ by Mergan Fierce on October 12, 2009.

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