He’s Moonwalking For Real, Now

I did not create the “RIP” tag to be abused like this, I just didn’t. First, Ed McTheMan. Then, Farrah Fawcett dies and now we lose the single greatest entertainer of, at least the last quarter of the 20th century.
Seriously, God, what gives?
It’s not really a secret that Michael Jackson’s personal life was pretty fucked up. His dad beat the shiiiiiiiiiiit out of him. His brothers nailed groupies in the next bed in various hotels when they were on tour. He was on trial twice for child molestation (in all reality, he probably did it). He married Lisa Marie Presley. His best friend was a chimp. His plastic surgeons should lose their licenses for not recognizing his obvious body dysmorphic disorder. He lived in a mini-Disneyland for years, which he fought to keep, then finally lost in the last year or so.
All of that aside, he was an incredible performer. I was never fortunate enough to see him live, but I saw him on tv more times than I could possibly count. I saw most, if not all of his videos, and the man was something special.
Had he never been forced into the entertainment world by his father, the world would not be the same. Seriously. The music industry would be unrecognizable had it not been for this man. Pop culture would not be the same without him. Alan Covert’s jacket in the Wedding Singer would’ve just been an ugly jacket were it not for Michael Jackson. I don’t want to undermine the impacts that Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett had on pop culture, but they were primarily American Icons. Michael was a global phenomenon.
I know there are people who hate him because he probably allegedly diddled some kids and hung his youngest child over a hotel balcony, but whether they like it or not, the man impacted their lives, too. It’s hard to quantify exactly how different the world would be without him, as his impact on the world is immeasurable.
My thoughts are with his family. I hope his children are appropriately taken care of financially and emotionally. Their custody is up in the air now, because their birth mother gave up parental rights, so I hope that whoever they end up with loves them (appropriately) and has their true best interests at heart and lets them go out in public without masks or veils.
He was a deeply troubled man. He was also a genius. But that’s usually that’s how it goes. I hope he’s at peace from his demons, wherever he is.
Rest In Peace, Smooth Criminal
You stopped, because you got enough.

~ by Mergan Fierce on June 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “He’s Moonwalking For Real, Now”

  1. megan you rule. ok peace

  2. Thanks, sweetpeaness. I think you're pretty awesome, too.

  3. "You stopped, because you got enough." – I'm dying.

  4. One of the commenters on Best Week Ever (Original M) posted it and I told her I was going to steal it, so I can't take credit for it other than I rephrased it a little.

  5. This is by FAR the best title I've seen on any MJ tribute post. 😉

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