Blingee Memorial Day Weekend

For those of you who frequent the super duper pop culture blog, Best Week Ever, you probably know about the feature “Blingee Wednesdays“. It’s been hailed by such folks as IMattMyPants and Maggi as a mid-week Godsend.

However, since the staff at BWE is composed of 2 full-time staffers and their interns are done for the season or graduated, Blingees have taken a back seat to their real responsibilities. Psh. So I’ve taken it upon myself to do some kind of continuation of that.

Since this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and all, let’s celebrate the men and women in our Armed Forces and Blingee the shit out of GI Joe characters. So whether it’s Ace, Airborne, Cover Girl, Heavy Metal, Quick Kick, or whoever, make them uber-fabulous and post them in my comments section and I’ll figure out how to do what I need to do with them.

I’m not going to post sample pictures like BWE does, because I’m lazy. Also, I trust those of you who do actually do this to kick ass on your own. Half of the fun is finding the perfect picture.

Also acceptable, at the request of Maggi is family picnics. Honestly, anything will work, because I fucking love Blingees.

Anyway, get to it!


~ by Mergan Fierce on May 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “Blingee Memorial Day Weekend”


    I want to try and do a couple more.



    This is likely the gayest thing ever.

  4. These are seriously awesome guys. Keep it up. I’ll probably post comments about them or whatever on Tuesday.



    If I’m killed by ninja’s over the weekend, you’ll know why.

  7. man, so excited for these damn things! Happy Mems Day!


  9. I was shitting rainbows when I found out you are hosting "Blingee Wednesdays" here. I miss the hell out of them….

    Matt, you are 31 flavors of glamazing.

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